‘My wife claimed she wasn’t a Disney fan when we met that was a psychotic lie’

When it comes to our spouses, everyone has their deal-breakers that could signal the end of the relationship.

And for one man, Disney is the one thing that he claims could completely ruin his marriage.

The unnamed man penned a letter to Slate.com’s Dear Prudence advice column, explaining how he has a ‘zero-tolerance policy’ on all things Disney, after his first marriage.

He shared how his first wife covered the whole house in Disney-themed decor, including 101 Dalmatians shower curtains which he thought were “tacky and embarrassing”.

As such, when he met his second wife he shared his hatred and made his policy “clear”.

She reportedly said it was ‘no problem’ but confessed that she and her daughters did have a ‘minimal’ interest in Harry Potter – which has nothing to do with Disney.

But it seems her husband didn’t get this memo and believes she’s breaking his rules, by liking something he thinks is owned by The Walt Disney Company.

“Fast forward five years, and ‘minimal’ was a psychotic lie,” he writes. “There is A LOT of Harry Potter in my life. At least once a month, I catch her reading from one of the HP books on her Kindle. I overheard her on Zoom with the twins having anguished conversations about ‘what to do about Harry Potter ‘ given the author’s transphobia. And whenever she visits the twins, they all do some HP-related thing.

“The most recent was to go to a HP store, and my spouse came home with a notebook and pen representing her ‘Hogwarts house.’ I reminded her that she promised to NEVER bring Disney merch around me, and she goes, ‘Disney didn’t own the Harry Potter franchise then,’ which is splitting hairs at best.

“She put the merch inside a drawer where I won’t see it, but she won’t get rid of it or apologize for buying it. Now she’s planning to watch some HP reunion IN THE HOUSE while Zooming with the twins.”

The husband goes on to say that his wife has advanced degrees and a “high-level job” so he can’t work out why she needs to “cling to HP” especially as it’s a “deal-breaker” for him.

He adds: “To this day, she claims HP is a minimal part of her life and that she didn’t misrepresent. How can I make her see that her HP thing is actually a significant fixation she needs to outgrow if she wants our marriage to last?”

The agony aunt seems absolutely appalled by the man’s letter – and can’t resist pointing out that Disney doesn’t have anything to do with Harry Potter, it’s owned by Warner Bros.

Prudence replies: “Just for the record, Disney doesn’t even own Harry Potter – so I guess if you want to keep this up, you’ll need to become a Warner Bros. hater, too. But: Are you serious? Is this real?

“None of this is affecting you. There are no tacky shower curtains bothering you. You have nothing to complain about. For every hour she spends on her totally harmless hobby, you should be spending an hour finding your own books, movies, and interests and an hour talking to a therapist about how to become a less intolerant, judgmental person.

“Better yet: If it really is a deal-breaker, leave and let her live in peace and enjoy her life.”

People on social media were in complete agreement with Prudence.

One person tweeted: “Losing my mind over this man, who is a terrible husband but more importantly is hugely misinformed about the acquired franchise properties of giant entertainment conglomerates.”

Another said: “OMFG.”

While someone else joked that the wife should “Disney the f**k” out of their house until he shuts up about her liking Harry Potter.