‘My colleague announced I was pregnant at work no one knew except my husband’

As most people know, you shouldn’t assume anyone is pregnant unless they tell you.

For a number of reasons, this is the best course of action. Even if you are 99% sure, it’s best to keep it to yourself.

One woman was left fuming after her work friend decided to tell all their colleagues that she was pregnant.

On Reddit, the woman explained that she recently gave her colleague Austin a lift – and he noticed a positive pregnancy test in her car.

Unlike most people, he didn’t keep that information to himself – but decided to tell everyone they work with.

He went a step further by gathering people together – so he could tell them all in a mass announcement.

Unsurprisingly, the woman isn’t impressed – as previously only her husband knew.

She explained: “I’m married and recently found out I was pregnant but only my husband knew about it.

“[We] haven’t even told anyone in our families or friend circle.

“The other day at work me and the co-workers were on lunch break and Austin was with us. We talked then he suddenly got up from his chair and asked for everyone’s attention for a minute.

“I didn’t know what that was about until he loudly announced that I was pregnant. I was stunned, like mouth open eyes not moving just staring at him as he and the other rushed to congratulate me and flood me with well-wishes and parenting jokes and advice.

“I was in utter shock I asked how he knew and he said “Remember when you gave me a ride the other day? I saw your pregnancy test result on the dashboard’.”

The woman was fuming – and has decided to report him for sharing her private medical information.

But not everyone agrees with her, she writes: “My female co-workers came to tell me how rude I was towards Austin’s ‘nice gesture’ and insisted I hurt him and that I overreacted.

“Especially for saying I will be reporting him since he was just sharing the happy news with everyone and I was just being too sensitive but I felt my privacy was violated.”

On Reddit, people agreed with her that Austin had massively overstepped the mark, with one user pointing out: “What if it hadn’t been yours at all, but your sisters? Or yours but a memory from a baby you lost. Austin’s behaviour was wildly inappropriate.”

Another added: “Wife and I had two miscarriages so we still actually save a pic as a memory. If someone made that announcement without our ok it would have been crippling…especially for my wife.”

A third commented: “Report him. Don’t second guess yourself. What he did was wrong. Like, really big letters carved in stone WRONG. He had no right to give out your personal information without your permission. Who TF does that to a colleague?”