Hotel staff reveal the most irritating things guests do including making the bed

It always feels like a treat to stay in a hotel – hot breakfast in the morning, no bedding to clean and a massive TV at the end of your bed.

But spare a thought for the exhausted hotel workers, constantly scurrying around to ensure guests are kept happy.

Now some hotel workers have shared their simple tips for making the lives of staff easier – and you might be surprised by some of their advice.

Don’t make your bed.

Guests might think they are helping staff by making the bed in the morning – but often it delays staff working to a tight schedule.

If you’re checking out, staff need to change the bedding for the new guest – so it just means they have to undo all your good work.

On Reddit, on hotel worker advised: “Don’t remake your bed if you’re checking out. A lot of people have thought they were helping by fixing their beds for the next guest, but… the sheets are going to be changed anyway.

“Who wants to sleep in used bedsheets from the previous person?”

If you’ve headed to a hotel for a romantic night out – make sure to not leave a mess for staff – with frustrated workers complaining of having to clean up rose petals.

On Reddit, a staff member shared how it can cause a headache for staff.

Susansonly wrote: “Please don’t do the flower petal thing unless you clean it up.

“Yes it is romantic. But no one wants to pick up flower petals you and your partner rolled all over naked on.

“Also don’t put the flower petals in the jacuzzi tubs. They stain them and are hard to get out of the jets.”

Finally, it’s easier for everyone, if you report early on that something is broken – rather than just complaining about it on your way out.

Staff hate it when guests don’t give them a chance to fix it, and instead use it as a reason to criticise staff.

One staff member wrote on Reddit: “If something is broken or not working correctly, report it to the front desk.

“A lot of people won’t say anything about a light out or a slow drain, and then we get someone who is super b****y and having a bad day and uses that to punish the staff. Just let us know, and we’ll take care of it.”